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The History of Development

Guangdong Ocean University’s College of Mathematics and Computer has more than 6 years history. In 2016, original Information College(established in 2001), Software College (established in 2004), Science College (established in 2002) and Experimental Teaching Department(established in 2005) were merged to form Mathematics and Computer College.

[college leaders]




XiaoHong Peng


Preside over the administrative work of the college

ShiYi Xie


Preside over the work of the college Party committee

RongWei Zhou

CPC Vice Secretary of a Party committee、Secretary of Commission

In charge of student affairs of the college

Laisheng Xiao


In charge of College Teaching

RuYun Chen


In charge of scientific research and laboratory work of the college

Organizational structure

The college has six teaching departments, including the Department of Computer Science and Technology, the Department of Information and Computing Science, the Department of Data Science, the Department of Software Engineering, the Department of Internet of Things Engineering and the Department of Computer Public Education; It has four teaching auxiliary scientific research institutions, including the Department of General Committee Office, the Department of Experimental Teaching Center, Innovation Practice Base, the Department Computer Research Institute and the Department of Software New Technology Development Center.

The Faculty

The college attaches great importance to the training and development of teachers. There are 131 faculty and staff, including 108 teaching and scientific research personnel, 11 with senior professional titles, 32 with deputy professional senior titles, 23 with doctoral degrees out of which 5 are doctoral degree supervisors and 13 master’s degree supervisors. Two awarded as " Outstanding teachers in southern Guangdong ", one school excellent teacher, three selected provincial training objects and ten selected school training objects of “thousand, hundred and ten excellent” projects of colleges and universities in Guangdong Province, it has one member of the Teaching Steering Committee of computer and mathematics majors in undergraduate colleges in Guangdong Province. Two members of CCF big data expert committee.


The college has two school-class key disciplines, Mathematics and Computer Science and Technology was first-class master's programs.It has 6 undergraduate majors, including Computer Science and Technology, Information and Computing Science, Data Science and Big Data Technology, Software Engineering, Information Management and Information System, and Internet of Things Engineering.In 2017, the Computer Science and Technology passed the acceptance of the "comprehensive reform pilot of major" in Guangdong Province.In 2018, the computer science and technology teaching team were approved as a provincial teaching team, and the Software Engineering was approved as a provincial special major. In 2019, Software Engineering was rated as a provincial demonstration major. In 2021, Computer Science and Technology was approved as a national first-class professional construction point.

Teaching and Research Platform

The College has a relatively complete and systematic teaching and research experiment platform. The college has 1 Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center in Guangdong Province, 1 Joint Laboratory of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Education, and 10 professional laboratories such as cloud computing, Big Data and the Internet of things; There are 12 off campus practice teaching bases, including 2 national industry university cooperation collaborative education practice teaching bases, 1 provincial college student practice teaching base, 1 provincial postgraduate joint training base and 1100 square meters of college student innovation and entrepreneurship base.

Scientific Research

The College vigorously promotes scientific research and technological development. In recent years, existing teachers have obtained more than 100 scientific research projects of various kinds,including more than 14 national level scientific research projects such as NSFC and national major special projects,more than 32 provincial and ministerial level projects which amounts to more than 18 million yuan of funds received.It has undertaken 5 municipal department level scientific and technological achievement awards, 21 patents and 94 software copyrights.Teachers and students have published more than 300 academic papers, including 80 in SCI and 36 in EI.

Talent Training

The college adheres to the principle of undergraduate education and vigorously develops postgraduate education.The college has established a "College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship practice base" and established 20 student innovation teams such as C + +, web dimension and micro cloud,Every year, it attracted more than 2000 students to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, discipline and professional competitions and other activities.It has won more than 500 awards in various discipline competitions such as "mathematical modeling", "Challenge Cup" and "software Cup", and more than 50 provincial level awards such as "National College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training". Software Engineering has successfully implemented the talent training plan of "excellent engineering".The college has further improved the education, evaluation, guarantee, service and innovation system of student training, realized standardized management of student work, formed a new situation of professional skills and discipline competition with "one major one specialty and one department one brand", promoted the construction of study style and teaching style, and solidly promoted quality education. In recent years, the employment rate of both undergraduate and graduate students has been kept above 95%. Graduates have high overall quality and are highly praised by employers.

Vision for Development

With the implementation of the national innovation driven development strategy, new technologies represented by big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain are widely used and promoted in various fields,Under the background of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the demand for professionals in computer, software, Internet of things, information and computing, big data technology will continue to expand, indicating that the school of mathematics and computer will usher in better development opportunities.

Since its establishment, through the inheritance and development ofteachers, the college has made great progress in various undertakings, especially in the past 20 years after the establishment of Guangdong Ocean University. The college has accelerated the teaching, scientific research and technological development by introducing high-level talents, significantly improved the teaching quality and scientific research level, moderately recruited students, and completed the education from junior college to undergraduate and from undergraduate to postgraduate levels. With the rapid development of science and technology, the college has become an important base for the cultivation and scientific research of mathematics and computer in South China and even in China.

We welcome all students, scholars and friends to apply to our college and contribute their talents to achieve the Chinese nation’s bright prospect on the road to revival!

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